What makes an internet project a success story?
Each project has its own specific needs and challenges that have to be catered for.

These are just some examples of our many success stories over the years.

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The Exopaedia is interesting as a case study for several reasons. It uses 'state of the art' technology with regard to both knowledge management systemes, as well as with regard to the latest web technologies and principles: progressive enhancement, responsive web design, HTML5, intelligent thesaurus, ...

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Bar Association of Leuven

Bar Assiciation Leuven

The Bar Association of Leuven: in Belgium, membership of a local Bar Association is compulsory for advocates. The Bar Association of Leuven consists of just under 500 advocates, and was a pioneer in the Internet Age. The first stages of this ambitious project were already launched in 1996, and over the years the programme has consistently been expanded. By now this project includes:

  • a public web site,
  • a database of lawyers,
  • a private intranet, accessible for the advocates only, and
  • home pages for the lawyers. - More



IPO: a privately owned holding company with more than 6000 shareholders was preparing its IPO (Initial Public Offering). In order to avoid having to pay fees to stock exchange brokers, the shareholders were offered the opportunity to reserve their new shares online. This project lasted for about half a year, and had a ROI (Return On Investment) of around 1000 %.

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Exopolitics Journal

Exopolitics Journal

The Exopolitics Journal: The Exopolitics Journal is an online journal, dedicated to exopolitics. It offers high-quality articles that are of interest to those attracted to accurate research on Exopolitics.
The web site uses a search engine, written in PHP that interacts with a MySQL database via AJAX calls. AJAX calls make it possible to update the content of a page without having to reload the page. This makes searching for information, e.g., a faster and easier experience. Obviously the web site also uses a secure content management system to add, retrieve, modify, or delete information to and from the database. This custom made content management system allows to manage authors, articles, content categories, etc. More.

Intranets / Extranets

Manuel Private Extranet

Extranets: Many of our success stories involve the creation of a custom extranet for our customers.

Extranets allow people to store and retrieve information in a secure and private environment, which can be accessed by members only.

They work with different levels of permissions which allow users to view, edit, add, delete, upload or download information, depending on their access rights.

All the user needs is access to the Internet, a user-id and password. More...

CMS Implementations: JAR Magazine

JAR Magazine

JAR Magazine is just one prime example of a highly successful Joomla project.

JAR Magazine is completely operated by volunteers. It used to be a published as a quarterly PDF newsletter, which was not cheap. Looking at alternatives to reduce the cost, Joomla was the obvious choice since it was initially designed specifically for online magazines. So it is perfectly suited for the task at hand.

By switching to a Joomla web site, the operational cost was reduced by 99% (!), while the audience quadrupled in size.