LCI LogoWe are a Durban based consulting company. Lamiroy Consulting was founded in 1994 by a lawyer whose PhD research focused on Artificial Intelligence. At that time, he had already accrued fifteen years of programming experience.

Internet / Knowledge and Document Management Solutions are our core business. Using state of the art technologies, we can help you turn your web site or intranet into the central information hub of your company. If you need access to your company information when you are out of the office, we can help you transform your offices into virtual offices, allowing you to retrieve any selection of information online, in a secure environment, no matter where you are.
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We stand for speedy delivery of high-quality, tailor-made services that meet your needs and resources.


Once upon a timeā€¦ there was a criminal defence lawyer who got disillusioned with all the negativity his job entailed. So he decided to look for more creative ways to make a living, and to ‘follow his passion’ instead. Well, one of his passions, that is. The choice was easy: for years, he had also been a researcher and assistant professor in legal IT, specialising in Artificial Intelligence and knowledge modelling. And, at the time, he was also active as an editor of a computer magazine. That is how, in February 1994, Lamiroy Consulting was born.

For the next two years, the assignments mainly consisted of writing (software manuals, an autobiography as a ghost writer, and a book on changes needed in the Belgian Legal system, together with Bruno Schoenaerts), and of assisting law firms with their automation plans.

Then, from 1996 onward, more and more Internet related projects started coming in: websites, extranets conceived as online libraries, etc.

The rest, as they say, is history.



The company mainly revolves around Manuel Lamiroy, and his well-established network of partners. This network spans the globe, and includes ISPs, programmers, graphic designers, copy writers, as well as network and security engineers.
Our customer base, too, is international. It consists of individuals, foundations, not for profit organizations, and corporations, from four different continents.

Manuel Lamiroy