The Exopolitics Journal is an online journal, dedicated to exopolitics. It offers high-quality articles that are of interest to those attracted to accurate research on Exopolitics.

The web site uses a search engine, written in PHP that interacts with a MySQL database via AJAX calls. AJAX calls make it possible to update the content of a page without having to reload the page. This makes searching for information, e.g., a faster and easier experience.

As shown in the screen shot inf figure 1, the user can first select ('step 1') a criterion to find articles. Based upon the selected criterion a relevant listbox appears ('step 2'). Alternatively, in the case a search on key words has to be performed, an entry field appears. Based upon the criterion selected in 'step 2.' a list of results is shown.

Obviously the web site also uses a secure content management system to add, retrieve, modify, or delete information to and from the database. This custom made content management system allows to manage authors, articles, content categories, etc.

The site can be found at

Exopolitics Journal User Interface
Figure 1. Screenshot of the user interface